Excerpt From Career School

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For eighty years the Burr Colleges have enjoyed prestige and prosperity as the nation's primiere business and secretarial schools. But times have changed. Enrollment is down, and applicant pools are shrinking. When Oliver Dunbar, the head of the Philadelphia campus, fails to enroll enough students for a crucial sit, he gets a frightful call from his superiors: get the enrollment up, or be fired.

In desperation Oliver hired Lily Espirito as his new admissions director. Beautiful and ruthless, Lily will do anything to make her enrollment goals -- a strategy that could both save and destroy the Burr College once and for all.

CAREER SCHOOL tells the story of a college and its small group of administrators¬†selling their souls to make a profit.¬† It's academic integrity clashing with greed, scandal, sex, and human frailty, set at an institution of higher learning where students come from all economic spheres: from the wealthy Main Line suburbs to the city's worst housing projects, with the dream of getting a degree and a chance at a better life, and trusting that their college will always have their best interests at heart. ​¬†
Career School A Novel

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